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Como funciona o teste de gravidez rápida?

By Chloe | MomMed | 17 December 2021 | 0 Comments
You've seen pregnancy tests in hospitals and advertisements. Yet, do you have any idea how pregnancy tests work and is it accurate or not?
Pregnancy Test Strips is one of the testing devices that detecting hormones in your Urine
In the beginning stage of pregnancy, your body begins to go through great changes. One of the absolute first indications of being pregnant is your body's creation of the pregnancy chemical, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which can be identified in your urine and blood.
The level of HCG is increasing very quickly. Hcg doubles every 48-72 hours in the first 5 weeks of pregnancy, then slows to 72-92 hours for doubling until 8 - 10 weeks when it hits its peak Rapid pregnancy test work by recognizing the HCG chemical in your pee.
Then, at the point when urine interacts with the pregnancy testing strip on a pregnancy test stick, results show up in practically no time, demonstrating whether HCG, the pregnancy chemical, has been distinguished. Some at-home pregnancy packs can't distinguish HCG in urine until initial day of a missed period.
Are you looking for buying the Pregnancy tests in bulk that will give you early outcomes? MomMed is the only brand that discloses to you six days before your missed period.
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